We Begin in Earnest

This is my first post in what I hope to become the official news source for all information regarding my ambitious homebrew game project, currently codenamed ‘Galatea’. Galatea is my interpretation of the almost exclusively Japanese niche gaming genre known as the romantic simulation or ‘dating sim’ as it is popularly referred to in the West. It is inspired by some of the most beloved games which fall into this genre such as Amagami, KimiKiss, Tokimeki Memorial, and Love Plus.

My goal with Galatea is not so much to reinvent the wheel, but rather to provide polish, refinement, and a greater sense of immersion to tried and tested mechanical and narrative tropes featured in these games. In Galatea, you will take the role of a high school student who has recently transferred to a new city. While managing your character’s daily schedule between study and leisure activities, you will get the opportunity to meet several female characters, go on dates with them, and eventually enter a romantic relationship. Each datable heroine will have their own unique personality and storyline, but will change and adapt based on the player’s actions and delivered in a highly non-linear fashion. As well as this, there will also be a variety other activities available such as participation in clubs or the student council which will be driven by their own unique gameplay rules.

Galatea will feature a dialogue system more based upon ‘attitude stances’ rather than traditional multiple-choice questions, the intention being to provide a more immersive and naturalistic game mechanic interpretation of communication. Furthering this commitment to heightened immersion, the game will also feature events based upon the real-word calender.

Another aspect which will differentiate Galatea from similar games in the genre will be its strong community-driven approach to development and providing very powerful mod support. To this end, the game is being built with a brand new game engine which will make this possible. The engine’s asset workflow is modern and simple; supported by libraries such as Assimp, it is able to import game assets in a variety of formats. As well as being able to modify the graphical elements, it will also be possible to create new dialogue and gameplay mods thanks to the inclusion of an easy-to-understand scripting language, AngelScript, a very flexible language which has been used in several games such as the Amnesia series and Warsow.

Developing my own engine also has the advantage of allowing me to license the source code as I see fit. As such, I hope to be able to release the entire source code for the game sometime after its official release. Galatea’s engine is completely general-purpose, not limited to any particular game genre. It is designed heavily around a component-based architecture similar to the popular Unity engine. The codebase is derived from a side-project of mine to provide open source cross platform re-implementations of several Japanese visual novel games. My current target platforms for the initial release will be Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS, but more platforms may be added if there is sufficient demand.

As you might imagine, developing an original game and a game engine of this scope is no easy task. Many tasks have all ready been completed and the codebase is gradually becoming more mature, but I’ve been hesitant to publicly announce anything to do with this project due to the lack of tangible art assets currently at my disposal. Due to this, my first few posts will focus largely on technical discussion, which may not interest all readers, but as more assets become available and the engine becomes more stable, I will shift focus to more discussions concerning characters, setting, story, and mechanics.

To this end, I need your help. If you’re interested helping out and have any skills you can bring to this project, whether that be artwork, music, sound design, graphics design, writing, or programming, please contact me at SaracenOne@gmail.com

The following images show some early untextured pre-renders of the high school to be featured in the game.




Let’s make it happen!

5 thoughts on “We Begin in Earnest

  1. This post was made a little bit back. But will the Windows/Mac/Linux version of the game be restricted by your desire for a mobile release as well? Or will the mobile version simply be a stripped down version of the computer version. As it seems like there is the potential to add so much that could be lost if brought down to a mobile level. But I suppose an strictly mobileish version of this game would still be very enjoyable. Just not as lasting.


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