Updates and a Change in Direction

I wanted to post this blog update to announce some changes which have been occurring with Galatea in the past few weeks. This might seem like something of U-turn considering the content of my previous update, but after much deliberation, I have made the hard decision to switch from my custom made game engine to a pre-existing one, the Godot engine (http://www.godotengine.org). Godot has now released a post 1.0 build and while already being fairly stable and feature-rich, it is still under active development and I believe it has a very competent roadmap which mirrors much of what I was attempting to accomplish with my own game engine. Despite my feelings that I have been making some significant strides with the Luna Framework, I simply cannot ignore the fact that it might be too work for a lone programmer to create an entirely general purpose game engine with the type of architecture I was working on in a timely fashion, and I want to start spending more time programming a game rather than just a game engine so I can show off more interesting content. The Luna Framework will not be entirely retired however, I will continue to work on it as a side-project with its original intention of being a reimplementation framework for select pre-existing visual novels which would allow them to be playable on devices and operating systems they were not originally designed for, but Galatea will not be running on it. I may even consider opening another blog for this.

What will this mean?

For the end user, pretty much nothing at all apart from the likelihood that I will likely be able to provide fully playable builds of the game sooner than originally projected. My promises related to mod support and my hope for an eventual fully open source release of the game after the 1.0 build has been released should still be possible with Godot since, unlike closed-source engines such as Unity, its adoption of the highly permissive MIT license more-or-less permits the usage of the engine in any way I see fit. I do, however, intend to contribute useful changes I make to the engine back to the original developers in the hopes that I can help make Godot a more viable alternative for other developers hoping to create small to medium-sized game projects with an easy-to-use and flexible game engine. I have already started making changes to my branch of the engine to better support features Galatea requires, and I should have a Github repository for my own branch available soon.

What will happen now?

I have already ported most of the work done for Galatea to the new engine, and as you can see from the videos embedded in this blog post, I can finally show you some in-engine footage which is not just pre-renders. I will continue to work on the game and try to post updates more frequently from here on out. Hopefully, it will not be too long until I can release some playable builds which will show off some of the graphics and gameplay mechanics.


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