Basic AI Navigation and Pathfinding

Here’s another short update and video. I’ve been experimenting with basic AI navmesh pathfinding and navigation. For the NPCs, I’ve refactored the player’s movement code in such a way that it can be used by NPCs too, and while I was doing this, I also redid the movement code yet again to solve most of the physics-related glitches people had reported in the last playable build. When I release the next build, movement should be more stable and graceful. I’m going to focus mostly on polish and bugfixing, and then I may release another build shortly after featuring the AI character. Although I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the character, I haven’t had time to do any further revisions just yet, but I plan to improve it in the near future. There’s also a feature which I think people might actually find really interesting which I may consider implementing soon, but I’m keeping it a secret for the time being since I don’t want to implicitly promise one way or another as to whether it’s actually going to be implemented, but I get the feeling it’s something people might find a lot of fun, especially with the project in such an early state.

Regarding, the translations, the response to this has been incredibly positive. I’ve been receiving early translations in Polish, French, Russian, Germany, Spanish, Italian, and Swedish. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed translations so far. This is still something of an experiment, but so far, I think it is going very well. Galatea is still a very small project and this blog does not get much traffic, but it appears that for the traffic it does get, it seems to have a very international audience, so allowing even these early builds of the game to be enjoyed by people in their native languages can only be a good thing. I hope people will continue to send me further translations as the game develops.


13 thoughts on “Basic AI Navigation and Pathfinding

  1. Cylinder-chan is mai new waifu!

    Looks great btw. Also, I checked this out in WINE and I don’t seem to have any performance issues, I get around 110 fps average (inside school). I only mention this because you said you were having frame rate issues, are you targeting lower to mid range rigs? I’ll try to compile a linux build later and see what that does.

    8gb memory, i5 3.1 GHz quad core, nvidia GTX 560 Ti, Linux Mint 17.2


    1. Thanks for testing this out on Linux; I’m sorry I didn’t have a Linux binary ready at that release, but I have every intention to provide full native Linux support in the near future. If you happen to compile it successfully, send it to me and I’ll provide it on the download You’re likely getting decent performance due to your CPU which is actually more powerful than mine, and a lot of the problems right now are actually CPU-bound. Even though you’re getting decent performance right now, so far I’ve only shown off one quarter of the school and now that I’ve got my AI agents, I would really like to use it to have random students milling around the place, which will definitely require optimizations to be practical.


  2. I have been checking this website out for a few days, but I’ve only tried to download the game a few minutes ago. I have to say, the school looks really wide! I’m looking forward to more features. Plus, Cylinder-chan is both cute and creepy at the same time. What do agents do, by the way?


      1. Thank you. ‘Agent’ is really just a technical term to describe any object in the game which can do pathfinding, the ability to be given a location, be able to generate and follow a path of waypoints to get there. It mostly refers to NPCs with AI, since they will be able to both follow you and wander around on their own. If you do tell your friends about it, that would be great; this is still quite an underground project, so it would be great if more people could know about it.


  3. I just get a new computer, so I should be able to play the next build with an acceptable FPS rate :D.

    “There’s also a feature which I think people might actually find really interesting which I may consider implementing soon, but I’m keeping it a secret for the time being”

    ” a secret ”

    ” secret ”



    1. If I’m honest, you definitely shouldn’t have to upgrade to run this, as I have every intention to optimize this thing for lower-end machines, but it will still help either way. My lips are sealed with regard to what feature I have in mind, but I think it could fill a pretty specific niche if I pull it off.


      1. I didn’t upgrade just for this, don’t worry, my old PC was old and he was making a lot of noise, he couldn’t even run Team Fortress 2 and was about to die. My principal reason to upgrade my computer is that i need a computer that make no noises for my school. (Yeah yeah i know, i’m talking about my life and no one cares)


    1. Hi Akainai, great to hear from you again. Did you like the character model I did? I know it’s not finalised yet though, but your sketches proved very useful to at least getting it to where it is now. I hope we can see more from you again in the future.


    1. Sure thing, you can get a partial collection of the strings in the game from here and a couple of other people have already contributed translations. Try to keep it in UTF8 encoding and just send me the updated file when you’re done and I’ll try to integrate it into the upcoming next release, but there may see some issues regarding the massive amount of glyphs in CJK languages. There will likely be another major string dump before that release, so it might be worth keeping an eye on it.


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