Advent Release – Second Test Build

(Update 5: Another build released which may solve the bug people have reported regarding being unable to interact with objects. If it doesn’t please send me the log files again. Ammendment: very sorry, but I forgot to update the download link to the latest version until just now. The latest version is actually ‘’)

(Update 4: New build provides logging and no longer causes player movement to freeze if object examination fails (but probably doesn’t fix the problem itself since I can’t reproduce it), proper interpolation for third-person camera motion, and mouse cursor no longer gets locked if the game window loses focus (Alt+Tab, ect.))

(Update 3: Another build has been released which should solve the crashing issue. I’ve had a chance to test this on another PC, and while I still haven’t discovered why it runs fine on my own machine, it seems related to texture compression. I also fixed a bug which resulted in the girl not being able to blink and a missing interaction hotspot.)

(Update 2: Based on the reports I’ve gotten, I’ve uploaded another build which is based on a hunch of what I think might be the problem. Again though, I can’t test this because I’m unable to reproduce the crash on my own system.)

(Update 1: Since I got a report regarding the failures in the loading screen I can’t reproduce myself, I’ve uploaded a new build which attempts to generate error logs. If you experience crashes or lockups at the loading screen, send me the error.log and console.log file found at C:\Users\$yourname\AppData\Roaming\Godot\app_userdata\Galatea via email)


Okay, I’m putting out the second major test build of Galatea tonight. You can find it on the download page. I understand this build has been a long time coming, but I’ve been trying to put as much polish into it as possible, and a lot of underlying systems were changed between this and the last release, which resulted in a lot of things breaking. While this build is still fairly light on what I would consider interesting content, this release does mark the first showcase of my character model functioning in the environment. She doesn’t yet do much, as that requires more animation and AI, but you can ask her to follow you and she does so relatively bug-free now from what I’ve tested. Due to popular demand, we also have a fully-functional third-person camera written from scratch which also seems relatively bug-free. While most people reading this blog are likely aware of these features, one new feature I haven’t yet talked about is the ingame music player.


What’s noteworthy about this feature is that as well as three original tracks contributed by AkiMiso (, I have also made it possible for players to import their own music. Instructions on how to do so are contained on the downloads page and the included readme.txt file. There are many other smaller features, including rewritten player physics, making the key to the secret room easier to find, and a bunch of new configuration settings, but there are really too many to note down and I’ve probably forgotten most of them, so you’ll have to see for yourself. I apologise for the large download size by the way; I’m running into some issues with the engine’s image compression methods.

Things I Wanted to Include but Couldn’t Because of Reasons…

Although I’m generally happy with the level of polish in this release, there were several things I planned to release but couldn’t because I didn’t want to delay this any longer. There were going to be more random students using the same AI routines, but I’m still waiting on some engine optimizations which are needed to make such a feature practical. Along with that, we have several original hairstyles which I planned to include through console commands, but I ran into some last minute technical issues. These hairstyles are very high quality, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you soon. I was also hoping to have the vending machine fully functional along with a few extra applications on the ingame phone, but I simply didn’t have time to complete them. A couple of people also contributed early localizations to the project, but again, I’ve not been able to include these due to some technical issues. I would also have liked to put in a small collection quest, but I simply didn’t want to delay this any longer. Hopefully though, some of these features may yet appear shortly; I’m hoping that I can get another smaller point release out before the end of the year to include some of them.

Where to go From Here…

For these first two major test releases, I generally focused around a particular theme, the first being the environment, the second being to get a character functioning in the environment. My next major focus is going to be the introduction of the actual gameplay flow and mechanics. Although I don’t have anything substantial to show for it yet, I have already implemented the databases which are intended to be the backbone of the how the game functions. Basically, some of the planned features are as follows: a working day/night cycle (possibly) with weather, player stats, the ability to attend classes and other activities such as studying, travel between your home and the school, more random students, and expansions plus visual improvements to the school environment, particularly the outdoor area, but this is dependant upon how optimized we can get the engine. Basically, I want the ability to play out a fully functional albeit basic gameplay loop. The introduction of the databases will also make it fairly easy for people who want to mod the game. In the next few days, I’m planning to reformat my computer and install some new hardware, and since I’m doing that, I plan to get a Linux port out. I may also be moving my entire development system to Linux too, since all the tools I use on a regular basis in developing the game are open source and run on Linux.

Anyway, I might have more to post soon, but for now, enjoy.


18 thoughts on “Advent Release – Second Test Build

        1. Thank you for sending me these. It seems the failure is pretty consistent on all the machines tested, without one person claiming to have made it past the loading screen. For this reason, I’m going to be removing the download link until further notice so as not to waste people’s time and bandwidth any further. It’s so perculiar that I seem to be the only person incapable of reproducing the crash, which makes it very hard to fix.

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  1. I can’t wait for the finished product! Have you found an experienced animator yet or are you still doing all of it by yourself? Wish I could help out, but I can barely animate a decent walk cycle.


    1. Right now, I’m the only person doing any kind of animation, and what you see is literally my first attempt. It would be very helpful to have someone step forward who could help out with this since the game will require a fair amount of animation to make these character feel believable.


  2. Hello again! šŸ™‚

    I tried out the new built and i have to say the character model looks very good so far and the ‘following/stay’ works fine.
    But also i figured something out thats not so good, everytime i click /try to interargue with an ‘object’ like the vending machine or the lockers my screen freezes.. the console and exit menu is still open and close able and so is the switch between third and first person view. (no issues with Doors)
    Just wanted to let you know.
    If you need anything specific for me to try out if it works just let me know, i would be glad to help you out :).

    Keep up the good work i cant wait for the final game :).

    Greetings Maou-sama

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      1. That’s interesting. The movement freezing is kind of failstate for when the game can’t load the files for the visual novel system, which is what object descriptions currently use. I hadn’t really put a proper fallback in place because I assumed that the game would never have an issue loading the small amount of VN files I have in it right now, but obviously that’s not the case. It’s interesting because, again, this is an issue which doesn’t occur on my machine, but unlike the last problem, I’ve gotten reports from some other people who are saying that the object descriptions load just fine. The best I can do right now is what I’m currently doing; I’m uploading a new build which should at least stop the movement from freezing when failing to examine an object, as well as like before, providing more useful debug logs in the event of failure. When it’s uploaded, my suggestion would be to try again, see if examining an objects still fails, and if it does, send me the log files as that will help me solve the problem.


  3. Hi !

    So, i tried the game, the all thing looks good, except the way the hair are when you are running, but that’s not really important. I’m really glad you put that music thing, i like to have my music when i play, and it works fine ^^.

    I nearly forgot 2 things, when you try to interact with something, you freeze, not the game, just you, like everything is running, my body is animated, but i simply can’t move or take my phone, it’s like i’m just waiting to see the text pop up, but he won’t. And the second thing is that There that purple thing and i don’t know if it matters or no.

    And a last thing … I still didn’t find that key, am i just bad at searching things ?


    1. Nevermind, i just found them.
      By the way, a friend saw me searching that key, and the only thing he said was “It already looks better that some of the games Steam sells at 10ā‚¬”, yeah that’s not really important, but i thought you maybe be happy to hear that.


      1. That’s good to hear. Regarding the problem, I’m uploading a new build which probably won’t solve the issue since, again, I can’t reproduce it, but should stop the character from freezing and at least provide better error logging. What’s actually happening is the game seems to be failing to load the visual novel scripts which contain the object descriptions, but I don’t understand why. When it’s uploaded, if you could try it again, send me the log files since that might help me understand what the problem is.


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