Inverse Kinematics

Update 1: Sorry for the delay again. I actually decided to go off and work on one more big feature before releasing a new build, and it’s nearly done now. It just requires a bit more polish. I’m quite excited about this one since while it is another aesthetic feature, it actually plays a highly significant gameplay role. I’ll be showing it off in the next few days…

I just wanted to show off a short video with a new feature I’ve been working on: dynamic inverse kinematics. Inverse kinematics is a technique where the rotation of joints are dynamically calculated based providing the final position of the end joint. In this case, I’m using it in conjunction with a variety of raycasts in order to prevent the character feet from intersecting when walking on uneven surfaces. There will be a new build hopefully coming out in the next few days featuring a few minor incremental fixes and features, and I’ll try to include this as part of it.

On another note, it’s now officially 2016. Will 2016 finally be the year of waifuism? I guess we’ll have to find out.


12 thoughts on “Inverse Kinematics

  1. Salam (Hi)

    keep the work up bro!

    i like the game and ideas behind it.

    and dont bother yourself too much. just relax and enjoy the game developing! 😉


    1. Thank you, I try my best, but I do want to share cool stuff with people. Usually development is pretty easy-going for the most part, it’s only in situations like the one I’m hinting to right now where I’m stuck entirely on one very complicated problem which can be quite stressful.


  2. Can’t wait to see what this will turn into, keep up the good work/ If you need any idea’s, I’m pretty sure you got the fan base to help. If only you could pre-order this/ I would definitely put money on a game with this much work.

    Stay fantastic, don’t overwork yourself, and get a little demo trail out their… This year, I hope to be playing with YOUR fantastic game, and maybe even if you would let me, record it for youtube to help advertise/

    ^Just trying to help out if you need anything, but still, I would love a game like this, I don’t think there is any others like this one. Its a great idea and I wish to help/


    1. Thank you. Something I was thinking of doing was when I get to the point I feel there’s a substantial base of worthwhile content in it, I would put the game on a site called Basically, it’s a community hosting platform for independently developed games. Something I can do on this site is give people the option (I’ll emphasise again that it would be entirely optional) to donate if they want to help support the future development of the project.

      To my knowledge, you’re right, I don’t know of anyone else doing a dating sim with freeroaming elements. I know Japan-only game released last year called Natsurio High School which bills itself as a kind of freeroaming anime school life game, but from what I’ve seen, it’s really more of freeform sandbox whereas this is intended to be more of a stat-based RPG. The closest game which exists right now to what I’m trying to do is Konami series Love Plus, and it’s only really similar in the sense of style and character interaction and I actually haven’t even shown off that aspect of the game yet. Besides, that series is pretty much dead now since Konami has decided to basically cannibalize themselves.

      Incidentally, any help you can bring would be much appreciated.


        1. At this point I’m not sure. If you want to help out directly with the project’s development, just let me know if there’s anything you’re interested in working on. On a broader note, this project doesn’t really get much traffic or attention, so even if you just tell someone who might be interested about it, that would be much appreciated.


          1. Hmm, I wonder if Lost Pause would be interested in this game, I can try to help out with showing off the game, however I can. If you need any voice acting I could do that, but otherwise I would need to learn things to be able to work on other things. I’ll try my best in getting this game out and into people’s minds. But the best way to get this game out, is to get Youtubers(like Lost Pause) to play it, and have testers who help find bugs in the game while you work on it. Don’t worry about advertising, I can get cracking down on it as much as I can.


            1. For the most part, I don’t really consider the game (even in what I envision to be its more completed state) to be all that suitable for commentary-themed content. For the simple reason that the game is largely being designed as something fairly slow-paced, where story events are the reward for fairly in-depth long-term stat management. Even though I am focusing on PC right now, the design still retains a lot of its early conception as something designed for a handheld platform and influenced largely by the Love Plus series.

              That being said, if people are going to commentate the game, someone like Lost Pause probably would be one of the best people to commentate something like this. He focuses almost exclusively on games like this, and actually seems earnestly invested in the less mainstream aspects of otaku culture. I don’t really watch many LPers (the ones I do are fairly unknown and tend focus on a specific game, genre, or community), but I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing a Lost Pause commentary on this once it matures more.


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