Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post


‘Hmph…well it’s Valentine’s Day today. I don’t even care, it’s just another pointless ritual designed to ostracise and mock anyone in society who refuses to participate as being a NEET virgin loser. Utter nonsense. Oh well, there’s no real purpose in trying to fight it this time, and I guess you are my senpai, so you might as well take your stupid obligation chocolate.’

So yes, Happy Valentine’s Day…I guess. Like this character quote, I don’t particularly care for the holiday, but given the subject matter of this game I felt I had to acknowledge it in some way, so I decided to do this drawing. Yeah…

Anyway, even if you’re not celebrating Valentine’s Day with another person, you can still spend it chilling with your favourite anime waifu.

As for the game, it seems that according to the poll the majority of people would like me to focus on implementing stat-building gameplay first and foremost, so that’s what I’ll do. That said, I’ve actually already gone ahead and implemented the VN engine extensions I’d hinted towards including menu choices, conditional branching, and inline code embedding. My test cases compiled and executed code as it was needed, but now it get pre-generated when the game starts and should suffer no significant performance penalities. I’m generally quite proud of how elegant this solution turned out to be, and although I haven’t got much to show for it yet, the way it’s implemented has basically limitless possibilities since VN scripts can now interface with any aspect of the game logic. I’m actually going to be using this system to implement a lot of the stat-building gameplay since it’s very easy to work with and choice menus are quite flexible in regards to implementing a lot of basic gameplay options.


Another thing I worked on recently is that I stepped forward and managed to get GPU skinning working, which is something I’ve mentioned several times as something which will likely be important in improving performance when it comes to rendering characters. It does indeed improve things, but there are still other issues making the game slow right now that it’s hard to fully assess things. Regardless, this is an important step forward, and introduces the possibility of soon being able to have more characters rendered in a single location.

I apologise again for anyone who’s still waiting for playable updates, but I’ve still got lots of newly introduced glitches and bugs I want to iron out before putting anything else out there. It will still be happening soon, but I want to get it as polished as I can before doing so.


16 thoughts on “Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post

  1. In response to your Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post, there is my Obligatory Valentine’s Day Forever Alone Comment :

    “I don’t have anyone to be with me for Valentine’s Day, bouhouh I’m an alone person and it make me sad bouhouhou.”

    Now that i have say that, I can return to post serious comment, but i don’t have much to say, so i guess i’m like Bobjelly, I just want to acknowledge the post.


  2. I´m really excited to see any improvement in your development!

    I have a doubt since a while: right now, the game is compatible with Win XP? Will it be? Yeah, I know it´s a prehistoric OS, but my actual computer can´t handle a better “RAM-eater” OS. I´ve test the actual build, but I can´t execute it 😦
    Anyway, it doesn´t matter, because I´ll buy a new PC in the near future and I´ll sure be able to play and enjoy this masterpiece; but I really want to try the demo.

    Bye, see you in the next update!


    1. Even though official support has been dropped, it should still work with Windows XP, any NT-based version onwards version will probably work since there’s no plans for features dependant on newer versions of Windows. Incidentally, if you’re looking for a less RAM-heavy operating system where you can still get updates and support, consider using a Linux-based operating system if you can live without certain Windows-only programs (and a lot of those can be supported in Wine). Galatea will get native Linux support when I can get around to setting up my big multibooting machine.

      By the way, can you provide more details on the issue you’re having. Do you get any errors? The only logged example I have of the game simply not starting might be due to a conflict with Avast.


      1. The only error I get is: “galatea_32.exe is not a valid Win32 application” I have AVG antivirus, and I´ve included the file as an exception. I didn´t found any generated log. I redownloaded several times, but it´s the same. My specs are: WinXP Professional SP3, Intel Core 2 6300 at 1.86 Ghz, 2 Gb RAM and Nvidia GForce 9500 GT graphic card.

        And thanks for the advice! In fact, I tested Ubuntu several years ago and it was a nice experience. Maybe it´s time to forget the evil and dark influence of Microsoft and hug the penguin XD


  3. Awesome it’s great to see a new blog post I hope you’re having a great day!

    And also a gender opinion would be cool to have

    I’ll be waiting patiently for the next new update!

    Your fan me Antonio will be here till the end


  4. The game already looks awesome, can’t wait for it to be finished someday! 🙂 Keep up the good work! Oh, and if You want, I can totally translate the game into Finnish(Although I don’t know if it would be very popular..)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. By all means if you wish, though it may still take some time until these translations are incorporated. There’s a github repository I’ve just posted a link to on the about page containing some of the strings in the game, though I’m probably going to be updating it soon.


    1. Sure, some people have already submitted some early translations, but as of yet, there isn’t all that much to translate. You can find what I’ve already made avaliable on the Github link on the About page.


  5. Bah, who needs a playable version….. Well, I know one thing, I want one, but don’t need one. Keep up the great work
    (No need to comment on my comment)


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