Hair Physics

Game progress has slowed down somewhat over the middle of this year, but I’m hoping for it to start picking up momentum again. I decided to show off some new hair physics I’ve been working on. I had made the changes to the physics engine required to make this possible some time ago, but I decided to finally get around to implementing the hair physics themselves.

WIP RPG activity screen

I’ve actually a lot more features which are almost complete which I plan to show off in the coming weeks, including an SMS messaging system, RPG stats and activity system, real-time mode, a character creation system, more visual novel features, and functioning weather effects with clouds. Please check back soon.


75 thoughts on “Hair Physics

  1. The game still seems to be in the early stages, but I’m looking forward to more updates. πŸ™‚ I’m really interested in how the game will develop. Keep up the good work, I’ll check this blog again.


  2. I wrote this project off as dead a few weeks ago when I noticed it’s been so long since the blog was updated. Glad I was proven wrong – I look forwards to your future updates!


  3. Nice to hear from You again! It was getting a bit lonely out here, with a complete lack of similar projects bringing a doomsday like thoughts πŸ˜€ (Or maybe I’m just too lazy to search) I’m looking forward to hear more about all the new great features!


  4. Happy that you are continuing with the project, I thought you were too busy and unable to continue.
    I decided not to check back until near Christmas. (my Firefox opened your WordPress site when I about to visit Yanderedev’s)


  5. It’s great to see you again! I’m glad the game’s development is still ongoing! I’m really excited for the new updates I will check back as soon as possible! Keep up the good work!


  6. Yay Iam so happy that you still are working on it πŸ™‚
    I thought as many of us here that there will be no more updates comming (that you stopped, dont have time or whatever) And iam glad thats not the case :).

    Hair Physics looking great. cant wait for more awesome Updates!
    Keep up the good work Iam sure it will pay off in the End! πŸ™‚


    1. ItΒ΄s a pity, I hope it wonΒ΄t be forever. This project is really interesting, but he need to update the status more frequently if he want to rettain the public attention. His activity in Github has lowered, too… Another promising project abandoned? 😦


      1. Hey, don’t worry, I am actually still here and the project has not been abandoned, it’s just stuck in a bit of a ‘development deadlock’ at the moment. I’m at the point really where the majority of the hard coding is actually done right now, so I want to shift focus more to content creation, so I am considering something of a ‘soft-reboot’ of the project to coincinde with a new renderer which is being built for the Godot engine.


  7. Also, while it’s unlikely I’ll be releasing another fully playable build any time soon due to the need to port the game to the new renderer architecture, something I do intended to be releasing is a standalone tool for creating custom characters.


      1. I do feel quite bad about not being more active online with sharing stuff. A part of it is probably guilt at having to discuss when things aren’t going as productively as I would like, and also that this project is probably the most public I’ve ever been concerning stuff I’m working on and it’s still not something I’m used to.

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        1. Me too! XD I see in github you are still working on the project, but IΒ΄m really looking forward for a new entry on the blog with your progress.


  8. I think I outlasted the rest. I think I might have won this game. Hah, I look out and all I see is what could of been. Shame really.


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