This is the game development blog of Saracen. I have worked as a professional programmer for two years, and I have a background in several game modding and homebrew scenes, as well as working on reverse engineering some closed source games. I am also a big fan of Japanese otaku culture.

On this blog, I’ll be primarily posting about my upcoming anime-inspired 3D dating sim tentatively titled ‘Galatea’. In the game, you will take on the role of a high school transfer student, and have the opportunity to meet, date, and form relationships with multiple female characters. The game will feature a mixture of scripted non-linear narratives, immersive conversation systems, RPG time management mechanics, and gameplay affected by the real-world calender. The player will also be able to engage in extra-curricular activities such as clubs or the student council, and explore the various locations around the game’s city where many secrets and challenges can be uncovered.

Galatea is now being built with the Godot engine (http://www.godotengine.org) and will feature extensive modding support for everything from story to gameplay to graphics. Galatea is currently on track to be released with support for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS, with further platforms to potentially follow.

If you have any inquires or feel like you would like to help, you can contact me at SaracenOne@gmail.com

If you’re interested in translating the game into your own language, you can find a github repository here (https://github.com/SaracenOne/galatea_localizations) containing strings to be translated, though it may take some time before translations can be incorporated.


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  1. I’m just curious about a few things.

    Firstly, are you looking for help right now and if yes, what with?
    Secondly, what’s the deal with that random pink smear on one of the tables on the second floor?
    and thirdly, how long do you think it will be before you release a stable build?

    I know it’s still in it’s test builds and I do enjoy running around the empty school with a waifu following me, but I’m just wondering about that third question. It seems like such a big project that could very well have a great end result, but it seems like there is so much to do that people will see this, try the test build, think it has potential, and then forget about it and it’s slow progress it would have with only one person working to make it all happen.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, this has a lot of potential but people might eventually just forget about this project completely until a stable build is released.


    1. 1. Generally, while what I can use help with will shift depending on what I’m currently focusing on, that really depends more on what an individual person thinks they can and would like to bring the project, but if there was a specific area I could use some help with right now, it would be really nice to get an actual animator involved.

      2. The pink smear is the result of a bug in the baked lighting system. The game, right now, actually uses a very uncommon approach to baked lighting which is to construct it as a 3D octree containing lighting information and sample from it. I wasn’t the person who wrote the original light baker, but after the first implementation was written, it seems to have been largely forgotten about and its seems I’m the only person really doing anything with it right now, and as such, it’s quite buggy. As such, I’m also the only person attempting to improve it and provide bug fixes, but this particular bug is very hard to isolate and nail down as to what the problem is. I might actually switch to a more conventional texture-based light-mapping approach for lighting static geometry in the future while retaining the octree method for lighting moving objects, but this will require rethinking my workflow.

      3. When you say ‘stable’, I’m unsure what you mean. While this build did initially have some serious bugs which slipped past me, for the most part, it should be largely bug-free now and relatively stable. What you might be meaning is when I’m going to release a build which is actually ‘fun’. A lot of what I’ve been focusing on right now is simply building the technical foundations to the game, but the next release is intended to focus on implementing basic gameplay mechanics, and following that, introducing storyline events through the visual novel engine, but I will continue to provide playable builds at (hopefully) more frequent intervals. If by stable you mean a 1.0 more-or-less feature-complete implementation, that’s much harder to say, and I can only respond with ‘when it’s done’.

      As for the rest of your comment, in many ways yes, that is true. However, in many ways, this is the reality of most game development and while I probably could do more showboating to give the illusion that game development is more exciting and glamorous than it actually is, I just don’t have much interest in doing so, so I kind of just leave this blog open for people who are still curious as to what’s going on in spite of this fact. At the end of the day, no one’s paying me to work on this, so it’s still fundamentally my personal hobby project. Something I have considered is writing more in-depth technical articles, since that generally reflects where my skills are probably being put to the best use, but I get the feeling that this would just not be interesting to the majority of people reading this blog. It’s hard when the concepts themselves don’t seem to inspire much interest, and if I could get a better sense of what people wanted out of this project, that would be helpful, but right now, I don’t really know what to do to inspire this kind of engagement other than just doing what I do best.


  2. I have a few questions:

    1.) Will we be able to date guys? I know you said “date, and form relationships with multiple female characters” But do you think that could ever be an option?

    2.) Is the main character a girl or boy? In the vids and builds it’s a girl so I’m just wondering.

    3.) Will any characters be anime archtypes? I personally think it would be hilarious.

    4.) Will some gameplay elements be like a dating sim? As in the other character talks and you reply, or will it all be like Harvest Moon, where the character you want to marry talks and you never reply?

    5.) Can I help out any way? If so, what would you need and how could I contact you?

    I hope I didn’t ask too many questions ._.


    1. 1.) While it’s not currently planned, it may still happen one day. It may depend on the amount of support the project gets, since each datable character will be a huge commitment in terms of both narrative scope, design, and animation.

      2.) Right now, the currently plan is to allow you to choose the gender of the main character, however I’ve only shown off the third-person camera with the model for one of the datable heroines because that’s all I have right now, but there will be a male model added eventually.

      3.) In a sense, the cast of characters will drawn upon certain anime archetypes (tsundere, genki-girl, even the under-appreciate darudere), but at the same time, I try not to think of the characters in terms of archetypes or clichés, but as individual characters first-and-foremost. Some are created with a certain degree of self-awareness, but are also intended to subvert certain archetypes to an extent. If you go back several posts, there’s a piece of concept art showing off the heroines planned for the final game.

      4.) The gameplay fundamentally will be a dating sim in the vein of Tokimeki Memorial and Amagami with stats, a calender, visual novel interaction, ect. The main differences from the common genre conventions will be the fact that freeroaming will be possible in an attempt to remove some of the abstract disconnect and repetition common in these types of games, and will be somewhat reminiscent of the out of dungeon social link segments of the last two Persona games, but hopefully with a lot more simulation depth to compensate for the lack of a turn-based battle system. However, the main inspiration is a game called Love Plus, which introduced real-time mechanics to genre, basically meaning that you could plan date with one of the characters and you’d have to remember this date in the real-world or else she’d get mad at you. These mechanics worked so well mainly because it was played on a handheld device, but since I’m focusing more on PC right now, this aspect of the game has had less attention put onto it for the time being, but it is still planned as a core aspect of the game.

      5.) While this will depend on what aspect of the game is currently being focused on, this still mostly depends more on what you think you can bring to the project, as I’d be interested in accepting help in any area if they can bring something meaningful to the project. This way, I have contacts with a wider variety of people I can hopefully call on who might be interested in assisting with certain tasks at different times. However, if there was a specific skill I’m looking for right now, it would some help with 3D animation. If you want to contact me, the best way is via email.

      No, not at all, I’m happy to answer questions.


    1. Sure, I’d love to see fanart. I’d be willing to accept and post fanart here on this blog, but only if it meets a reasonably high bar of quality. If you dig through some of my earlier posts, you can see some artwork contributed here which is a good example of the kind of quality I would accept for the blog. I might also have a degree of bias in favour of artwork which is able to successfully emulate popular Japanese bishoujo styles like the other artwork posted here. You can also see some of the designs for other characters due to appear in the game from these examples too.


    1. A wiki might be good to have at some point, but I get the impression that right now, people don’t know enough about the game to fill out the content of a wiki. Something which I might get soon though is a private internal wiki for contributors, since there’s plot details of the storylines I don’t want to spoil for people.


  3. Do you make the art yourself?
    Sorry if you heard this before but from the pictures I’ve seen this reminds me a lot of Yandere which is pretty neat.
    I do enjoy games like this with a visual novel style kind of like a TellTale Games or Life is Strange.
    Would love to help but I know little about this engine.


    1. Yes, the latest sketch is by me, though some other sketches on this blog have been created by other people. Not sure what you’re comparing it though, it’s mostly just borrowing styles influenced by some of my favourite manga artists.

      It will have a similar style of story presentation to the games you described yes, though generally more freeform. As for the engine, you can check it out here (http://godotengine.org), I’ve actually been submitting quite a few new improvements to it recently.


  4. I think this game looks great and I would love to help, but I am literally terrible at anything but simple animations or character designing. Also, will you add lights to the school? I mean, it is a little dark…


  5. Even in this early stage of development, the game looks pretty promising. Can’t wait to see what new updates hold.
    It looks like you’re looking for animators. Can’t really help you there, but I’d love to help when you need additional musicians. 🙂


    1. While some people have already stepped forward to help out with music, they often have other commitments so it would always be helpful to have another person involved in that area. If you want to send me some examples of what you can do, by all means email me.


  6. i have a few questions

    1.the frame rate is very bad on my gaming PC do you plan to fix it

    2.are you going to add props to the outside of school

    3.is it going to be free roam/ open world

    4.sorry if i sound like a hater/ sound mean these are just a few questions of the game because Im new here to your game

    bye thank you for your time


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