Default Controls:

  • ‘W’ – Move Forward

  • ‘S’ – Move Backwards

  • ‘A’ – Move Left

  • ‘S’ – Move Right

  • ‘Click Mouse Button 1’ – Interact/Take Photo

  • ‘Click and Drag Mouse Button 1’ – Rotate Camera while using phone

  • ‘Tab’ – Access Phone/Exit Camera

  • ‘`’ – Access Developer’s Console

  • ‘Backspace’ – Toggle 3rd/1st person camera
  • ‘F12’ – Takes a screenshot (unlike camera, retains GUI overlay)

  • ‘Esc’ – Cancel/Quit Menu

Console Commands

  • ‘noclip’ – Fly through solid geometry
  • ‘exit’ – Quit Game
  • ‘clear’ – Clear Console
  • ‘set_svar’ – Set the value of a script variable to specified value (currently has no ingame effect)
  • ‘get_svar’ – Get the value of a script variable (currently has no ingame effect)
  • ‘erase_svar’ – Remove script variable from database (currently has no ingame effect)
  • ‘load_location’ – Load a map (must be followed by a name in quotation marks)
    ‘set_master_volume’ – Sets global audio to a specified value (0.0 – 1.0)
  • ‘set_sfx_volume’ – Sets sfx audio to a specified value (0.0 – 1.0)
  • ‘set_music_volume’ – Sets music audio to a specified value (0.0 – 1.0)
  • ‘set_clock_time’ – Sets the ingame to a specified time (format: hour, minute, second)
  • ‘set_clock_rate’ – Changes the speed of the ingame clock (default value: 1.0)
  • ‘show_fps’ – Sets if the FPS counter is visible (true/false)
  • ‘add_item’ – Adds a named item to your inventory (must be followed by a name in quotation marks)
  • ‘take screenshot’ – Does the same as F12.
  • ‘set_bobbing_amount’ – Adjust view bobbing during first person movement (default value: 0.01)
  • ‘set_fov’ – Change the field of view during first person (default value: 75)
  • ‘set_walk_speed’ – Set default movement speed when walking (default value: 1.5)
  • ‘set_sprint_speed’ – Set default movement speed when walking (default value: 4.5)
  • ‘set_third_person’ – Set whether to use the first or third person camera (true/false)
  • ‘enable_debug_3d’ – Display debugging information relevant to agent pathfinding
  • ‘use_direct_control’ – Use the drag-based camera rotation from the first build (true/false)
  • ‘phone_use_cursor’ – Use cursor when using the phone (true/false).
  • ‘use_custom_cursor’ – Use ingame image-based cursors as opposed to the default OS cursor (true/false)
  • ‘look_smoothing’ – Adjust the smooth dampening of camera rotation (default value: 0.05)
  • ‘crosshair_enabled’ – Show the crosshair during freeroaming (true/false)
  • ‘invert_aim’ – Invert the y-axis (true/false)

Linux/OSX users:

While I wanted to release the Linux version alongside this, I currently don’t have access to a multibooting machine to compile it. I’m actually saving up for some new internal hard-drives so I can set up a more robust multibooting machine, and I might even move my entire development system to Linux then. In the meantime, you can compile your own version of the binary from the engine’s source code. The default Godot binaries won’t work since I’m building from the development branch and my own custom fork, so you will have to compile from here ( with the Galatea branch (code in the repository should be sufficent to compile now, but you’ll have to disable SIMD optimizations for the time being until I upload a clean alignment fix.)

Screenshots, Photos and User Music:

On the Windows build, they should be located at


You can store up to 9999 of each and they are saved as .png files.

In the same folder, you will also find one marked ‘user_music’. Place .ogg Vorbis files in this folder and they will appear in the playlist for the music app on the ingame phone. Since .ogg isn’t the most common format for general music storage, patent-encumbered MP3 being more common, for now, you will have to use a tool to convert your music to the compatible format. I would recommend the free and open source tool free:ac (

Known bugs (please don’t email me about any of these):

  • Random chance of the mobile phone’s screen not rendering. Since this is random occurance, I’ve not yet managed to isolate what’s causing this to happen.

  • Getting trapped by sliding doors will sometimes warp the player to unreachable locations. This is a quirk of the physics engine and is still being fine-tuned.


(Warning: This is a test build of the game which runs on a highly unstable development build of the engine’s source code, and in rare circumstances could potentially crash your system. Download at your own discretion.)

(There may be an issue with the latest version of Avast Sandbox which might cause the program to suspend without any feedback when launching the game; if this happens for you, try rebooting and consider adding an exception for the game binary.)